A Guide on Decorating Nursery Room with Baby Wall Stickers

Parents tend to pick an inspiration for their baby’s room, whether it be cute and cozy, scandinavian or minimalist, choosing the nursery wall stickers for the baby's nursery room is a lot of fun.

Are you looking for tips on how to decorate your baby’s room? Then this blog is perfect for you! We’ll talk about the tips and tricks in transforming your baby’s room into a fun and safe haven for you little one.

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When is the best time to decorate a nursery?

Baby essentials like diapers and clothes are the top of the list if you’re preparing for your baby’s arrival but a good time management can squeeze in important details like decorating your nursery room. 

Experts suggest to start ordering baby needs in the 20 week pregnancy so you have enough time to ship and assemble your baby’s decorations.

You can check the a full timeline to a stress-free decorations in this link. A step by step guide for weekly tasks of your room decoration.

What if I don’t want to paint my baby’s room?

If you’re not yet ready to paint an entire room and haven’t decided yet on colors, try considering the use of wall stickers for kids. Easy to use, quick and - most importantly - fun, nursery wall decals can instantly add cuteness and playfulness into your baby’s nursery room with minimum effort.

Match the nursery wall stickers with other wall painting substitute ideas to bring life in your nursery room!

Decorating baby’s room with wall stickers

Nursery decorations are perfect for adding fun, educational and colorful decorations to your baby’s room. They can be easily applied and can be removed with no damage to your walls once your little one grows old.

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A height chart for kids is very efficient if you want to track your child’s growth progress, every parent would love to see progress in their child so click here to get one!


Where can I apply wall decals in my baby’s room?

Kids wall stickers can be applied anywhere in the room. All you need to look for is a smooth and clean surface to adhere it to:

kids height sticker on door
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  • Try to look for a “theme” and visualize it around the room or beside the walls on your baby’s crib corner

  • Decorate the room’s ceiling - it’s what your little one will see from their crib

  • Baby Wall Stickers can be applied to doors as well                                                                                        

Decorating Your Children’s Bedroom With Wall Decals

It can sometimes be a daunting task to decorate an appropriate bedroom space where your child is going to sleep, grow, play, and dream.

This can be even more challenging if you don’t want to cover your walls with tacky wallpaper (that can be just as challenging to put on as it is to take off) or have the time and funds to constantly play interior designer.

Therefore, we’ve found a solution that is easy to install, remove and also timeless.  Let me introduce you to the wall decals.  Nursery wall stickers on the surface look pretty simple, but they can add a bold detail to any child’s room. 

The application of nursery wall decals is also a breeze.  Once you’ve mapped out where you want your decal placed, make little pencil marks as a guide, similar to what you would do before you start painting or stenciling, and you are ready to peel and stick.  

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Don’t let the size intimidate you, the nursery wall stickers will adhere effortlessly and can be smoothed out with a squeegee or even a card. You never have to worry about air bubbles or needing professional installation.

This means, if you redecorate, your decal comes off as smoothly as it went on – without leaving any residue or peeling your paint!


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