Bath Toy Storage Ideas - Keep Everything Clean & Organized

Typically if you have a toddler, your bathroom is overflowing with rubber duckies, tiny sailboats and other bath toys. This is all fun while bathing your little one but you need to think about the storage solutions for these wet toys!

We’ll be discussing below how to organize bathtub toys and bath storage so that your bathroom can be a cleaner and safer place for kids. If you're on a budget and want to still bring in the fun in the tub, you can get DIY ideas for bath toys in here!


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How To Keep Bath Toys Clean & Safe

Proper drainage and air flow is very important for keeping your little one’s bath toys clean and safe.

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A moist environment tends to breed mold, so make sure you choose a baby bath toys storage that drains properly and is waterproof like Brunoko Bath Toy Organizer so there is no still water and toys can be dried between uses. 

Brunoko Bath Toys Organizer has 4 suction cups that sticks to smooth walls. This function enables the water to properly drain the water from baby bath toys and prevent formation of mold. 

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After your baby’s bath time, make sure to stick it beside a ventilated area or beside the window to allow the water to properly evaporate and drain. It also has a cute design so we are certain that your kids will love it! Also perfect for new parents, baby shower gifts and christenings.


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What to Avoid Using for Bath Toy Storage

  • Bucket - buckets without a drain hole at the bottom will only accumulate excess water and won’t drain well. This excess water will form into mold and might harm your baby when in contact. Therefore, a bucket is not the best option for a bath toy holder.

  • Sealed plastic bag - this is a typical baby bath toys storage option others use when going out for a vacation which is completely inappropriate. A sealed plastic bag will only keep damp air inside and will quickly smell within the toys. 


Try using Brunoko Bath Toy Organizer for outings at the beach or pool for better storage of your kid’s wet toys. Has holes at the bottom to properly drain excess water and made with waterproof material.

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Cognitive and Emotional Benefits of Bath Time

Studies have shown that bath time is critical for your little one’s cognitive and emotional development. All the senses that are engaged during this special time encourage their brain to really focus and pay attention. 

⁣⁠The feel of the water on their skin, watching the water down the drain, playing bubbles and aromatic scents. Experts have also found that baths can de-stress and relax your baby to promote a good night’s sleep. ⁣(Yay on this Mama!)

Gently rubbing your baby’s skin in the bath slows down the heart rate and blood pressure, it changes brain waves in the direction of relaxation. 

So it’s basically a relaxation kind of response that occurs to having pressure receptors stimulated. 

Now fill up those bath tubs and get your baby feel more relaxed to get a good night sleep!

If you're a soon-to-be-mom, check out this top baby bathtub's list to know more about the pros and cons of different types to baby tubs.


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