How to Find the Best Car Head Rest Pillow For Your Child?

A handful of things tend to be as uncomfortable as having a good sleep inside a car. Children are more adaptable and flexible than adults, but offering them a good neck support and seat belt covers in a car makes a huge difference. Baby neck pillows make a trip a lot more fun and enjoyable plus it’s as good as an accessory as well. Match this cute fox pillow with other useful car accessories for kids in this link!

brunoko travel pillow - seat belt cover

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Firstly, kids' necks aren’t as strong as adults and so, while memory foam travel pillows may be popular with adults, they tend to be too dense for kids, whose necks aren’t strong enough to push the memory foam back. 

So for a kids travel neck pillow, it is best to look for a soft polyester fabric travel pillow. These baby neck pillows are more malleable and therefore easier for small kids to move into the right position.


Here’s a few things you need to consider when looking for a baby car seat head support:

The Size 

Keep in mind that children have smaller necks and heads. Choosing a pillow that is built for their size and proportions will make sure they are comfortable.
Make sure that you choose a car seat pillow that fits your little one correctly to prevent their head from leaning forward and side by side. 

Additionally, make sure that the seat belt pillow you’re getting can adjust to whichever seat belt you have, just like this Brunoko Travel Pillow. It can fit whether in a regular car seat, a baby car seat or even a booster seat so you won’t have to worry about this matter anymore. You can browse through this list of best infant car seat in year 2021 for you baby. 

The Material

Some kids are leaning for a snuggly hairy animal car pillow but sometimes it just makes them irritated and uncomfortable. 

baby using brunoko travel pillow

Choose a car neck pillow with a soft fabric and filling to suit your little one’s travel needs. This type of material will give your baby the comfort of sleeping while travelling inside a car. Brunoko Kids’ Seat Belt Pillow does just that. It can be easily attached to any seat belt type. Great for kids to drift off to sleep while travelling.

Also, it is very important to choose a seat belt cover pillow that is machine washable.

The Shape

When talking about kids' travel pillow, it is important to consider the shape. It should have the perfect fit for your kid’s little neck and head.

A U-shaped car pillow supports their head from leaning forward thus making them comfortable while sleeping. The design contours to the shape of the neck and position of the pillow making it a good choice as a car travel pillow as well.

before and after using brunoko seat belt cover

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Easy to Clean

Lastly, this may sound a little bit obvious but a very important factor. That a children’s travel pillow needs to be easy to clean. If you’ve ever been on a trip with a small child, you will know that kids spill things all the time! 

Image by Brunoko

So give yourself a favor by considering this factor when choosing a children travel pillow. You can get one from this link!



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