Why Your Baby Needs a Night Light | A Guide to Better Sleeping

Kids Night light is as beneficial to kids as it is to parents. While the main function is to emit a soft light that gives illumination to the surroundings without waking your little one, Brunoko Night Lights for babies has a list of features that make them a valuable companion for both the parents and kids.


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Why is a Baby Night Light Useful

  1. Gives comfort for babies who are afraid of the dark

  2. Helps out the parents in checking in on their baby while sleeping by softly illuminating the surrounding

  3. Prevents your baby from being afraid and crying when they wake up in the middle of the night by recognizing the familiar surrounding.

  4. Helpful for toddlers who begin to have nightmares. Ages between 2 to 4 years old tend to develop a fear of the dark. Having a night light has been proven to help them feel safer


Advantages of a Night Light for Parents

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Baby plug in night lights emit soft and dim illumination that enables the parents to check in on their children without switching on a harsh major light. 

Additionally, the soft glow will prevent you from tripping by obstacles on the floor and bumping with nursery furniture on your way to the nursery room. 

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Ultimately, baby night lights consume less electricity than normal ceiling and overhead lights.

Instead of leaving a light outside the nursery room and keeping the door slightly open, a children's night light will provide an even light distribution and less harsh light while saving the power bill. 


automatic on and off feature of brunoko plug in light
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Brunoko Plug-In Night Light has an auto sensor feature which turns off automatically at daylight and turns on at dawn.

Even when it’s on for the whole night it still stays cool to touch making it safe to put inside your kids nursery room


What to Look for in a Night Light

Safe Material

Kids tend to chew themselves to sleep and thumb suck at night so it is vital to get safe material for your nursery night light.

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Make sure to look for the “BPA-free” symbol when looking for a nursery night light so it is safe for your kids to snuggle at bedtime. Brunoko Silicone Night Light also stays cool even when turned on which makes it safe for kids to touch and hug.


Friendly Illumination

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Some older types of kids lamps still use incandescent light bulbs or neon panels while most of the recent kids night lights come with LED as the main light source.

It emits a more stable and uniform light beam that does not hurt the eyes making your baby easily doze off.



Easy Operation

Besides helping him get a good night’s sleep, the operation of the children's lamp can be a practical way to improve his learning capabilities.

silicone bunny lights with remote control

The main users of a nursery lighting is a child so make sure that it can be easily operated by themselves.

Brunoko SIlicone Night Light has easy operating functionality as it can change colors just by tapping it and squeezing it. It also comes with a small remote control which is a perfect fit for their little hands.

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