Travelling with Kids Lifesaver | Car Organizer with Tablet Holder

Since a lot of families are leaving for the holidays right now, we’re giving you the best car organizer you can get for travelling with kids or road trips with babies!

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Road trips are all fun and games until your kids get bored.

Mama, we all know that we need to get them things to do during road trips such as coloring books, music, TV and car games to keep them entertained. 

Since it’s a lot of stuff, the easiest way to organize all of it is a car seat organizer for kids with tablet holders ( We know it’s the best entertainment gadget for them!)


These handy car organizing accessories manage it all with ease. Multiple pockets in different sizes are the perfect storage for their needs such as spill-proof water bottles!

Such as toys, tissue, gadgets and books so you won’t have to hassle getting everything from the front seat. It is also important that the material is easy to clean just like Brunoko’s Car Organizer since they will be kicking it and will spill juices and other food in there.

Plus, if you’re already in your destination, you can just fold it and bring everything with you! #momwin

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 Image by Brunoko

Car Organizing Tips with Kids

An organized car, just like an organized home, office and/or life, will save you time, energy and money. Mama’s proven strategies, checklists, plans and experiences help you eliminate these frustrations; allowing you to focus your attention on other important things like the needs.

Image by Brunoko


  1. Empty your car and clean the interior.
  2. Always have water and snacks on hand for the kids. Keep it organized and easy to access by installing a car backseat organizer for kids! Kids tend to get snacky along the way so make sure to put it in near them.
  3. Always have baby wipes on hand to clean up their little hands. 
  4. A portable back seat storage saves you lots of time! This car backseat organizer can be folded and brought anywhere you want. 
  5. Organize your trunk to save room for groceries with a large tote.

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