Things to Consider in Choosing Best Baby Spoon

While silicone suction bowls and silicone suction plates are important when starting baby self feeding, it is also important to choose the right baby feeding spoons and should be the right quality otherwise they can cause harm to your baby.

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Lucky you Mama, we have listed below the key features on what you should be looking for when purchasing baby spoons.

Here are 5 key features to consider in Choosing Best Baby Spoon:

1. Size

The right size is important. If the spoon is too large, your baby might have trouble using it and grasping it’s handles. Always consider your baby’s little hands when choosing a baby utensils.

On the other hand, a small spoon might become a drag for your baby and eventually get bored. The Brunoko Silicone Spoon is the perfect size, it is designed ergonomically to fit your baby’s little hands.


2. Materials

You should avoid using metal spoons for your baby as it can harm their soft gums.

The best material for baby spoons is silicone. It is soft and won’t harm your baby’s gums. The soft tip can also help with their teething problems.

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Since baby spoons are getting in their mouth, it is vital to be BPA-free like Brunoko Bendable Spoon  which is 100% safe for babies.                                                                                                                                                          

3. Handling Portion

If the spoon is too complex to handle, the feeding process can become a problem for the feeder as well.

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Always consider their little hands so we recommend looking for a lightweight and bendable baby spoon.

An adjustable and bendable silicone spoon is what we recommend as you can easily change the angle of the spoon to which your baby is comfortable with.      

4. Choking Hazards

If you’re eyeing for a removable tip spoon, stop it.

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It is very dangerous for your baby’s safety as it can become a choking hazard if not tightly screwed. Best option for this is a single piece baby spoon with a soft tip.                                                                                                                 

5. Washable

Baby led weaning is already a hand full for most moms so a dishwasher safe baby spoon is the way to go!

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Always check if the materials used for your baby spoon can handle certain levels of heat and cold. You can get a bendable and dishwasher safe baby spoon here!


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What if my baby refuses a baby spoon?

It can be frustrating when your baby suddenly refuses to use baby spoons. But it's completely normal. Here's why it happens and how to adjust.

Refusing baby spoons is normal.

Refusing a feeding spoon is actually an important milestone. Most babies go through this developmentally appropriate stage at around 9-11 months. They want to eat all by themselves!

Of course, all children develop at different rates and some babies are happy to be fed with a feeding spoon longer. But a vast majority of babies rebel against the spoon shortly before they turn one.

Eating is no exception. When we allow babies to self-feed during BLW more, we may need to let them eat what and how much they want. We fear that our baby will eat little of what we offer, choose less nutritious foods, or decide to eat nothing at all. 

Be prepared.

If your baby is nearing 9 months, be ready for this milestone and work on building up your baby's eating habit of finger foods and utensil skills so they are getting enough calories and nutrition when the baby refuses to use a baby spoon.

Avoid even subtle pressure techniques like distracting your baby at meals. Playing "airplane" or using TV or even books to get the required number of spoons into your baby will likely contribute to her spoon nightmares, making mealtimes more tense.

Get the gear.

Check out Brunoko Tableware set. It sticks to the table and has a strong suction, so spills and plate-throwing can be minimized. Be prepared for messes and more clean-up than usual, but you will be rewarded by pleasant mealtimes and a baby who can do lots by himself!


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Trust your baby.

Let them choose how much and what to eat, even if it looks like he needs your assistance. Of course, there is nothing wrong with feeding your baby with a feeding spoon from time to time, just make sure it doesn't spoil the mealtime fun for anyone. 

Learn more here on why your baby refuses to eat or use baby spoons.

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