5 Benefits of Using a Baby Plate or Bowl

When introducing your baby’s first food, don’t just use trays, use a baby plate or baby bowl. 

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5 reasons why you should use a baby plate or baby bowl:

1. Give Correct Portions Mama

This has been the number one mistake we noticed when starting baby led weaning, incorrect portions. Most of the babies on Instagram are facing piles of protein and carbs which they couldn’t eat at all! Then mother’s will be upset that their baby doesn’t finish all of it. 

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So let’s get this straight, baby portions are smaller than you think.

A divided plate for babies is the best way to monitor your proportions. Keep in mind that the majority of the nutrition your baby gets is still from breastfeeding or formula milk until age 1. We offer them solid food to gain SOME nutrition, but it’s also an opportunity for the baby to explore different textures and tastes.

Preferably, a divided silicone plate or silicone bowl is the way to go. The Brunoko Silicone Plate has 3 divisions and is shaped like a smiling owl. Giving your baby a fun way to food. 

You can fill up the sections with ¼ or ½ of food to suit your baby’s little tummy. It’s the visual representation that we really love. To give different variations of food and small portions. 


2. Introduce Different Types of Food

One of the benefits of having a divided silicone plate is that it reminds moms to offer a variety of food

Babies who are exposed with different tastes, flavors and textures in a 6-18 month period have a higher chance of becoming an eager eater and less of a picky eater later in life. 

The best way to do this is to offer 2-3 different foods throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be totally different food, you can always repurpose food safely or add some leftovers.

A divided silicone plate is a visual reminder for moms that we need to put variations of food on their silicone plate then later on will become a habit. #momwin


3. Silicone Bowl and Silicone Plate Lessen Mess

You might think that baby plate and baby bowl will just add up to the dishes. Yes, it’s one (or 2) dishes for you to do BUT it cuts down the mess during blw.

Good thing Brunoko Silicone Plate and Silicone Bowl are dishwasher safe so you can toss it with the other dishes.    

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 Baby led weaning is a true messy process but we noticed that if a baby has a bowl or plate in front them there is less mess on the floor compared to just trays.

Babies with just trays tend to swipe the food left and right and will end up all the food on the floor. But with a divided silicone plate, they can easily scoop the food up and into their mouth, so less cleaning on the floor.

Also, Brunoko Tableware has a great suction technology so they won’t be able to toss out the plates and bowls!

4. Motor Skill Development

Baby bowls and plates can help facilitate development of motor skills associated with eating. Good thing, the Brunoko Suction Plate and Suction Bowl has soft silicone edges that help the baby to scoop out the food easily and get some into their mouth.

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5. Making Mealtimes FUN

Introducing food to your baby with a fun environment makes them think that eating is a fun activity (less chance of being a picky eater).

Mealtimes should be FUN and Brunoko Tableware Set does just that. With their smiling owl silicone plate and bunny bowls will surely make your baby feel excited while eating PLUS it comes with different vibrant colors. 

The designs of our baby tableware can be easily arranged to make food art for your baby making them engage more with eating. Happy babies means happy family.


Image by Brunoko


How to do Baby Led Weaning with Spoons

Training your baby to use a spoon

After discussing the benefits of using baby tableware during baby-led weaning, let’s dive into ways to train your little one.

Here’s one way to train your baby to eat independently—with a spoon.

Step 1. Stand behind your baby’s high chair with 2 or 3 feeding spoons.

Step 2. Preload one baby spoon and rest it on the edge of your baby’s bowl. (Younger babies will benefit from the spoon being handed to them vertically in the air.)

Step 3. As your baby is eating with the first baby spoon, preload the 2nd baby spoon and rest it on the bowl. If needed, catch the first baby spoon as your baby lets go of it and guide their hand to the suction bowl. Repeat with the first baby spoon and so on…

With your help Mama, your baby’s muscle memory should restrain from dropping their hand to the side of the highchair to a motion that reaches more from the table. If you're using a regular chair for your baby, you can check this top high chairs of 2021.




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